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Trying to find a high-quality and useful site on the web can often be a time consuming experience. To save you the trouble we have compiled a list of websites that we have found to be valuable sources of information. Clicking on the link will open a new window for you.


Quicken - Quickbooks
Rural Cash Manager
APS Software

PKF Sites    
PKF New Zealand
PKF International
PKF Australia

The Press
The Dominion
The New Zealand Herald
Independent News Ltd (stuff.co.nz)
The Australian
The Age
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Financial Review
The Herald Sun
The Financial Times
Wall Street Journal 
National Business Review

Business Sites
New Zealand Law Society
Small Business Assistance
Business Mentoring

New Zealand Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange

Inland Revenue Department
Companies Office
Ministry of Economic Development
Reserve Bank
Accident Compensation Corporation
Employment Relations
Overseas Investment Commission
Statistics NZ
Intellectual Property Office
Trade Development Board
Government E-Commerce Policy

Useful web sites
Exchange Rate Calculator
Yellow Pages
White Pages
World Time

Institute of Chartered Accountants

Note: The websites links provided on this page are for general interest only. We do not necessarily endorse any products and services offered by the websites listed on this page.